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NINE NEWS: All the best zero or low alcohol drinks to buy and try

NINE NEWS: All the best zero or low alcohol drinks to buy and try

Planning on giving up booze? You're not the only one.

Australians are embracing the low- or no-alcohol drinks trend with increasing enthusiasm.

And don't take our word for it. Sales of non-alcoholic drinks increased more than 83 per cent in 12 months in 2021, according to sales data from Dan Murphy's parent company, Endeavour Group, with a tsunami of tasty (and mighty convincing) tipples hitting the market.

"The majority of customers are choosing non-alcoholic drinks because they want to moderate, which is a reflection of a broader trend of Australians drinking less but better," said Endeavour Group's Head of Merchandise Transformation Bree Coleman. 

"Many also simply enjoy the taste of the new wave of non-alcoholic drinks. The quality and innovation is quite incredible," she added.

 So whether you're quitting booze, cutting back, want to have something in your hand during the festive season without indulging in a tipple, or doing Dry July, OcSober, Dry January or FebFast – we've rounded up our favourite low- and zero-alcohol products worth reaching for first. You'll be astonished at how far we've come for booze-free options.

June 26, 2023: VIA Drinks has released a new collection of all-natural, non-alcoholic drinks, coinciding with the start of Dry July.

Co-founders Sarah Morley and Kiersten Mason, from Sydney's Northern Beaches, launched the range as they yearned for a wider variety in non-alcoholic offerings, in term of flavour, sensation and the overall drinking experience.

"Want we wanted simply didn't exist. So taking inspiration from the green juice movement, we worked with an experienced team of nutritionists, naturopaths and industry experts, to create VIAGENICS™, our signature blend of carefully selected natural adaptogens, that work together to invigorate the senses and elevate the spirit," Morley says.

"At VIA Drinks, we firmly believe that nature holds the key to extraordinary flavours. Our beverages are meticulously crafted to offer the layered and sophisticated taste profiles reminiscent of classic cocktails, all inspired by the wonders of the natural world, with a mood boost with every sip."

The drinks are manufactured locally, and the range, which includes the below, are low-calorie and have accolades from the World Alcohol-Free Awards to their name.

  • Sparkling Seventy-Five: A Classic French Spritz with Layers of Fragrant Juniper, Zesty Native Lemon Myrtle and Sweet Bergamot Orange

  • Sparkling Margarita: Deliciously Sparkling Margarita with Layers of Agave, Tangy Finger Lime and Sweet Bergamot Orange

  • Sparkling Aperitif: A Delicious Classic Italian Spritz with Layers of Sunripe Bergamot Orange and Zesty Cinchona Bitters

  • Sparkling Brut: A Classic and Delightful Sparkling Brut, Crisp and Layered with Subtle Notes of Native Wattle Flower


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