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Begin your Dry July off strong with tasty alcohol free tipples

Hot girls are sober curious. - by Isabelle Knevett

When it comes to mid-year, you may be looking for the chance to refresh your body to prepare for the rest of the year ahead. Try your hand at reducing your alcohol intake by partaking in Dry (or damp, we'll get into that later) July and use it as a chance to reset and experiment with fun drinks and non-alcoholic options.

If you're sober-curious and are wanting to experiment with alcohol free options, there are endless options available to experiment with. Sites like Sans Drinks are dedicated to creating accessible alcohol free alternatives to your favourite tipples and most bottle shops offer non-alcoholic options. 

Aaron Trotman, founder of label NON who create luxurious and unique alcohol-free beverages, explains it's never been easier to go sober without sacrificing flavour.

"Be open and get excited, you’re discovering the future of drinking. Your body & mind will begin to change and don’t forget to share your experiences with friends, celebrate the wins and positive experiences with non alcoholic products'," he says, "Look for original/unique drinks, mimic products may just lead you to want 'the real thing". 

Dry July offers the opportunity to take a month to reduce your alcohol intake and experiment with the delicious world of non-alcoholic drinks!

 Sobriety has taken the celebrity world by storm. Bella Hadid and Blake Lively are just some of the models, actors and artists to be embracing the sober life, with Lively telling Allure in 2012, "It's just something that I genuinely don't have a desire for."

If you're stuck at where to start, read on to find our top picks for alcohol free alternatives that are full of flavour and will satisfy your tastebuds and sober-curious musings. 

The best alcohol free drinks to try this Dry July 2023


NON1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile, $29.95, NON

If you're a fan of the pet nat trend then this unique alternative is a must-try for your next dinner party. With flavours from raspberries, chamomile and Murray River salt, it's easily to drink and a great talking point. 



American Malt, $44.99, Lyre's

Going sober doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite dark liquors, with options like this American bourbon malt you'd hardly guess it was 0%. 


Four Pillars

Four Pillars Bloody Bandwagon spirit, $47.99

Love the citrusy and botanical flavours of Shiraz gin but want to sayonara to hangovers? Four Pillars have released a non-alcoholic alternative to their famous gin. 


McGuigan Wines Zero alcohol sauvignon blanc, $10.99, 

With notes of passionfruit, gooseberry and citrus you'd never guess this sav blanc was sober friendly. Enjoy with oysters and seafood for a summery afternoon. 


 Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, $13.99 for four, 

All the flavour with none of the hangover, this alcohol free XPA is refreshing and tasty and tastes just like your favourite beer. 

Yes You Can

Yes You Can Alcohol Free Spritz, $20 for four, 

Nothing says summer like a spritz and this convenient non-alcoholic premixed can is your next sober summer essential. 


Sodaly Passionfruit, $45 for 24, 

If you're wanting a lighter drink option the Sodaly sodas from Remedy are full of flavour with no sugar and natural ingredients. 


Gordon's alcohol free gin, $38, 

Get your non-alcoholic fix in a jiffy with any of the alcohol free options available to order from delivery service Jimmy Brings. You'll be enjoying a sober friendly cocktail before you know it. 


NON8 TOrched Apple & Oolong, $30, 

The latest addition to the brand's lineup, NON8 is the non-alcoholic drink of the summer. With rich amber flavours juxtaposed with a cool crisp apple, serve this chilled for a refreshing flavour hit.


Discover offer mixed case, $49 (usually $75), VIA DRINKS

Broaden your horizons and experiment the sober life with these delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are as tasty as they are free of alcohol. This back comes with a selection of the brands alcohol free alternatives to Brut, spritzes and more. 



DA-SH raspberry infused sparkling water, $4.80 (usually $8) for four, 

If you love a vodka soda sans the vodka then these deliciously refreshing flavoured sparkling waters are your next go to.


Isabelle Knevett

Isabelle is a Senior Digital Content Producer in the Affiliates/Commerce Content team. She works across WHO, marie claire, ELLE and more, covering all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and shopping. When she's not writing about fashion, she's reading about it.


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