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via (n.)

-from Latin meaning"way, road, path, channel"

Our journey began on the sidelines of a soccer field, where we bonded over our shared vision for life and health, and our passion for female empowerment. As we witnessed the cultural shift in drinking habits and felt the waves throughout our community and friendship circles, we knew that it was time to mix it up and get to work on a new generation of sophisticated and enjoyable functional beverages!

We embrace a fun, balanced approach to wellness. No preaching or strict rules here, just a lush, healthy lifestyle. We admire those who strive for self-improvement and explore new paths.

Together with our supportive community of like-minded women, we created VIA as a celebratory alternative to alcohol that allows connection and fun with only a positive effect on physical as well as mental wellbeing


At VIA we are driven by a vision of experiencing more, more connection, more fun, and more joy. We are driven to enable people to moderate the alcohol in their daily lives, not the fun.

We do this by offering drinks with benefits, an alternative way to get that uplifting feel-good factor when we celebrate and connect with ourselves and others.  Everyone deserves to enjoy both special and everyday moments of life with a delicious, complex sparkling beverage.

We invite you to join us on this new way forward and raise a glass to pleasure and connection.

Cheers, Sarah & Kiersten xoxo


At VIA Drinks, we are proud to support the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter and The Lillian Howell Project through our commitment to donate 5% of our profits. As a female-founded business, it is our mission to use our brand to promote health, happiness and purpose-driven social change in our community and beyond.

By choosing VIA Drinks, you are directly contributing to the important work these organizations do to provide emergency relief and support for women and children in need. We are honoured to work closely with these organizations to ensure that our impact is real and sustainable.

We are grateful for your support and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can help the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter in its mission to provide emergency accommodation, occupational therapy, financial aid and much more to women in need. It also enables us to help The Lillian Howell Project, a specialist women's refuge, in their mission to support young women to heal, flourish and break the cycle of homelessness.

 Thank you for being part of our VIA community and making a difference in the world.