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At VIA, we understand the role that alcohol plays in our lives and in our society. We see the impact it has on our well-being and communities, and we believe that there is a need for an alternative. We aim to offer an alternative that allows people to reduce the alcohol in their lives without sacrificing the fun.

Our approach is to offer drinks with benefits! VIAGENICS™ is our unique blend of adaptogens that provides a new way of enjoying life's special moments and empowering people to experience more connection, more fun, and more joy. We believe in a vivacious and balanced approach to living, and respect those who seek to improve themselves

Our goal is to provide a new way forward that allows you to celebrate, connect and unwind without the negative consequences of alcohol

We are driven by a vision of experiencing more, more connection, more fun, and more joy. We're paving a new way forward, one that empowers people to enjoy life to the fullest without the negative impact of alcohol. So whether you choose to moderate mindfully or go without, you don't have to feel like you're missing out