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Bio-Science Meets Flavour Sensation

Discover the world of botanical-based beverages with VIA Drinks! Our all-natural, non-alcoholic drinks are crafted with the finest ingredients and are entirely GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie.

Indulge in the layered and sophisticated flavors of classic cocktails, inspired by nature's bounty. And with the added boost of VIAGENICS™ adaptogens, you will not only thrill your taste buds but also elevate your mood and calm your mind!

Bergamot Orange

Bergamot Orange has a zesty citrus flavor with subtle floral notes, similar to oranges and lemons but with floral undertones and a slightly bitter finish for added depth

Ruby Grapefruit

Ruby grapefruit has a distinct sweet and tangy taste, with a balance of acidity and sweetness. Its bitter but sweet flavour profile makes it stand out from other grapefruit types and adds a sophisticated taste layer to VIA

Finger Lime

Finger lime is a unique citrus fruit with a sophisticated, tangy flavour profile with subtle floral undertones. The most distinctive characteristic of finger lime is the small, caviar-like pearls that hold a burst of juice

Lemon Myrtle

Australian Native Lemon Myrtle has a refreshing lemon scent and flavour. The taste is described as strong and lemony, with hints of citrus and subtle woody and earthy undertones

Juniper, Wattle Flower, Sichuan, Bergamot

Juniper has a piney, earthy taste that is both unique and versatile, a classic and delicious gin flavour

Native Wattle Flower, an indigenous Australian ingredient, adds a unique nutty, honey taste with a hint of vanilla

Sichuan Pepper, known as the queen of spices, adds a subtle, spicey lemon-mint flavour and mouthfeel

Chili brings a subtle burst of heat and aftertaste to the flavour combination